CITIZEN, documentary, work-in-progress. Expected completion 2019.

Citizen is an upcoming documentary film that begins with the question: why do nations routinely restrict access to ostensibly “universal” human rights to citizens only? Following this query, Citizen interrogates the ways in which human rights are constructed through the regulation of citizenship and the enforcement of borders to deny many disparate groups of people the ability to live and thrive. From migrant justice organizing to the fight to end immigrant detentions to Indigenous activism against intrusions on unceded land, Citizen traces sites of struggle against state structures that frequently deny the freedom of movement, the right to self-determination, and access to fundamental necessities of life for many across Canada and the US.


From director Kami Chisholm: Citizen is in many ways my most ambitious documentary project to date. As such, I am still in the process of applying for grants and seeking other additional funding in order to begin production for the film, which will require some travel and the hiring of a small crew.

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Support for the initial research, development, and production of the above trailer for Citizen was provided by York University’s Osgoode Law School Artists’ in Residence program. Thank you also to CUPE 3903, CUPE 3906, CUPE 4207, and UNIFOR for their generous donations to this project.