Pride Denied: Homonationalism & the Future of Queer Politics

Pride Denied

Set against the backdrop of “World Pride” in Toronto, Canada in 2014, Pride Denied: Homonationalism & the Future of Queer Politics explores the concepts of pride and homonationalism from the perspective activists, community members, artists, and academics. Now available from Vtape (Canada and festival distribution) and Media Education Foundation (educational sales and screenings for the US and rest of world).



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I Hate Inclusion

With yet another vote on “police participation” coming up Tuesday night at Pride Toronto – after Pride TO has contravened Pride TO membership votes TWICE in the past two years to ban institutional police participation, Read more…

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About Kami Chisholm

Kami Chisholm holds a PhD in History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an MFA in Film Production from York University. Her most recent documentary, Pride Denied (Media Education Foundation and Vtape, 2016), explores topics such as homonationalism and pinkwashing in the context of the 2014 World Pride festival in Toronto.

Chisholm is one of the co-founders of the Toronto Queer Film Festival and sits on the board of the Pleasure Dome collective.

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